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Introducing PaddleLit™ Waterproof LED Light Belt

Paddleboard SUP LED Light KitPaddlelit™ is a lightweight, waterproof LED waist belt, designed by Dana Doncaster in 2014-15 for paddleboarding at night. It has been designed and tested in the ocean close to my home in Pacific coast Mexico.

Its versatile design has many other night applications including: running, fishing, dog walking, biking, kayaking, camping and skiing to name but a few. It only weighs two pounds, making it ideal for traveling (or shipping) world-wide.

This highly versatile light weight LED belt fits waists from 28″ to 45″ comes with one rechargeable battery pack that fits on the side of the belt. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours and can be easily recharged with the charger (supplied) in about 2 hours. There are 10 LED lights in front of the belt giving out two meters of Direct light spanning to 5 meters. There are 10 LED lights on the back, giving out 2 meters of direct light spanning to 5 meters off lights. Also features a special pocket to accommodate your phone, keys, and your money or credit cards.

Paddlelit™ will give everyone the best opportunity world wide to safely experience their love of the ocean: the thrills and magic without risk and danger occasioned by not being visible or able to see around you. It will bring a new dimension to the paddle boarding and leisure industry, not just on the water but on LAND too.

There is nothing out there like it. This is a simple idea with safety at night in mind and can save lives. Be seen, be safe, be smart helping to save lives.

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